Source code for mastodon.hashtags

# - hashtag and featured-hashtag endpoints

from .utility import api_version

from .internals import Mastodon as Internals

class Mastodon(Internals):
    # Reading data: Featured hashtags
[docs] @api_version("3.0.0", "3.0.0", _DICT_VERSION_FEATURED_TAG) def featured_tags(self): """ Return the hashtags the logged-in user has set to be featured on their profile as a list of :ref:`featured tag dicts <featured tag dicts>`. Returns a list of :ref:`featured tag dicts <featured tag dicts>`. """ return self.__api_request('GET', '/api/v1/featured_tags')
[docs] @api_version("3.0.0", "3.0.0", _DICT_VERSION_HASHTAG) def featured_tag_suggestions(self): """ Returns the logged-in user's 10 most commonly-used hashtags. Returns a list of :ref:`hashtag dicts <hashtag dicts>`. """ return self.__api_request('GET', '/api/v1/featured_tags/suggestions')
### # Writing data: Featured hashtags ###
[docs] @api_version("3.0.0", "3.0.0", _DICT_VERSION_FEATURED_TAG) def featured_tag_create(self, name): """ Creates a new featured hashtag displayed on the logged-in user's profile. Returns a :ref:`featured tag dict <featured tag dict>` with the newly featured tag. """ params = self.__generate_params(locals()) return self.__api_request('POST', '/api/v1/featured_tags', params)
[docs] @api_version("3.0.0", "3.0.0", _DICT_VERSION_FEATURED_TAG) def featured_tag_delete(self, id): """ Deletes one of the logged-in user's featured hashtags. """ id = self.__unpack_id(id) self.__api_request('DELETE', f'/api/v1/featured_tags/{id}')