Source code for mastodon.polls

# - poll related endpoints and tooling

from .versions import _DICT_VERSION_POLL
from .utility import api_version

from .internals import Mastodon as Internals

class Mastodon(Internals):
    # Reading data: Polls
[docs] @api_version("2.8.0", "2.8.0", _DICT_VERSION_POLL) def poll(self, id): """ Fetch information about the poll with the given id Returns a :ref:`poll dict <poll dict>`. """ id = self.__unpack_id(id) return self.__api_request('GET', f'/api/v1/polls/{id}')
### # Writing data: Polls ###
[docs] @api_version("2.8.0", "2.8.0", _DICT_VERSION_POLL) def poll_vote(self, id, choices): """ Vote in the given poll. `choices` is the index of the choice you wish to register a vote for (i.e. its index in the corresponding polls `options` field. In case of a poll that allows selection of more than one option, a list of indices can be passed. You can only submit choices for any given poll once in case of single-option polls, or only once per option in case of multi-option polls. Returns the updated :ref:`poll dict <poll dict>` """ id = self.__unpack_id(id) if not isinstance(choices, list): choices = [choices] params = self.__generate_params(locals(), ['id']) self.__api_request('POST', f'/api/v1/polls/{id}/votes', params)
[docs] def make_poll(self, options, expires_in, multiple=False, hide_totals=False): """ Generate a poll object that can be passed as the `poll` option when posting a status. options is an array of strings with the poll options (Maximum, by default: 4), expires_in is the time in seconds for which the poll should be open. Set multiple to True to allow people to choose more than one answer. Set hide_totals to True to hide the results of the poll until it has expired. """ poll_params = locals() del poll_params["self"] return poll_params