Source code for mastodon.preferences

# - user preferences, markers

import collections

from .errors import MastodonIllegalArgumentError
from .utility import api_version

from .internals import Mastodon as Internals

class Mastodon(Internals):
    # Reading data: Preferences
[docs] @api_version("2.8.0", "2.8.0", _DICT_VERSION_PREFERENCES) def preferences(self): """ Fetch the user's preferences, which can be used to set some default options. As of 2.8.0, apps can only fetch, not update preferences. Returns a :ref:`preference dict <preference dict>`. """ return self.__api_request('GET', '/api/v1/preferences')
## # Reading data: Read markers ##
[docs] @api_version("3.0.0", "3.0.0", _DICT_VERSION_MARKER) def markers_get(self, timeline=["home"]): """ Get the last-read-location markers for the specified timelines. Valid timelines are the same as in :ref:`timeline() <timeline()>` Note that despite the singular name, `timeline` can be a list. Returns a dict of :ref:`read marker dicts <read marker dicts>`, keyed by timeline name. """ if not isinstance(timeline, (list, tuple)): timeline = [timeline] params = self.__generate_params(locals()) return self.__api_request('GET', '/api/v1/markers', params)
## # Writing data: Read markers ##
[docs] @api_version("3.0.0", "3.0.0", _DICT_VERSION_MARKER) def markers_set(self, timelines, last_read_ids): """ Set the "last read" marker(s) for the given timeline(s) to the given id(s) Note that if you give an invalid timeline name, this will silently do nothing. Returns a dict with the updated :ref:`read marker dicts <read marker dicts>`, keyed by timeline name. """ if not isinstance(timelines, (list, tuple)): timelines = [timelines] if not isinstance(last_read_ids, (list, tuple)): last_read_ids = [last_read_ids] if len(last_read_ids) != len(timelines): raise MastodonIllegalArgumentError("Number of specified timelines and ids must be the same") params = collections.OrderedDict() for timeline, last_read_id in zip(timelines, last_read_ids): params[timeline] = collections.OrderedDict() params[timeline]["last_read_id"] = self.__unpack_id(last_read_id) return self.__api_request('POST', '/api/v1/markers', params, use_json=True)