Source code for mastodon.reports

# - report endpoints

from .versions import _DICT_VERSION_REPORT
from .errors import MastodonVersionError
from .utility import api_version

from .internals import Mastodon as Internals

class Mastodon(Internals):
    # Reading data: Reports
[docs] @api_version("1.1.0", "1.1.0", _DICT_VERSION_REPORT) def reports(self): """ Fetch a list of reports made by the logged-in user. Returns a list of :ref:`report dicts <report dicts>`. Warning: This method has now finally been removed, and will not work on Mastodon versions 2.5.0 and above. """ if self.verify_minimum_version("2.5.0", cached=True): raise MastodonVersionError("API removed in Mastodon 2.5.0") return self.__api_request('GET', '/api/v1/reports')
### # Writing data: Reports ###
[docs] @api_version("1.1.0", "3.5.0", _DICT_VERSION_REPORT) def report(self, account_id, status_ids=None, comment=None, forward=False, category=None, rule_ids=None): """ Report statuses to the instances administrators. Accepts a list of toot IDs associated with the report, and a comment. Starting with Mastodon 3.5.0, you can also pass a `category` (one out of "spam", "violation" or "other") and `rule_ids` (a list of rule IDs corresponding to the rules returned by the :ref:`instance() <instance()>` API). Set `forward` to True to forward a report of a remote user to that users instance as well as sending it to the instance local administrators. Returns a :ref:`report dict <report dict>`. """ if category is not None and not category in ["spam", "violation", "other"]: raise MastodonIllegalArgumentError("Invalid report category (must be spam, violation or other)") account_id = self.__unpack_id(account_id) if status_ids is not None: if not isinstance(status_ids, list): status_ids = [status_ids] status_ids = [self.__unpack_id(x) for x in status_ids] params_initial = locals() if not forward: del params_initial['forward'] params = self.__generate_params(params_initial) return self.__api_request('POST', '/api/v1/reports/', params)