Notifications and filtering


This function allows you to get information about a user’s notifications as well as to clear all or some notifications and to mark conversations as read.



Keyword filters

These functions allow you to get information about keyword filters as well as to create and update filters.

Very Important Note: The filtering system was revised in 4.0.0. This means that these functions will now not work anymore if an instance is on Mastodon 4.0.0 or above. When updating for 4.0.0, we’ll make an effort to emulate old behaviour, but this will not always be possible. Consider these methods deprecated, for now.



Push notifications

Mastodon supports the delivery of notifications via webpush.

These functions allow you to manage webpush subscriptions and to decrypt received pushes. Note that the intended setup is not Mastodon pushing directly to a user’s client - the push endpoint should usually be a relay server that then takes care of delivering the (encrypted) push to the end user via some mechanism, where it can then be decrypted and displayed.

Mastodon allows an application to have one webpush subscription per user at a time.

All crypto utilities require’s optional “webpush” feature dependencies (specifically, the “cryptography” and “http_ece” packages).

Usage example

This is a minimal usage example for the push API, including a small http server to receive webpush notifications.

api = Mastodon(...)
keys = api.push_subscription_generate_keys()
api.push_subscription_set(endpoint, keys[1], mention_events=1)

class Handler(http.server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
    def do_POST(self):
        self.send_header('Location', '')  # Mastodon doesn't seem to care about this
        data =['content-length']))
        np = api.push_subscription_decrypt_push(data, keys[0], self.headers['Encryption'], self.headers['Crypto-Key'])
        n = api.notifications(id=np.notification_id)
        s = n.status
        self.log_message('\nFrom: %s\n%s', s.account.acct, s.content)
httpd = http.server.HTTPServer(('', 42069), Handler)

except KeyboardInterrupt: