Source code for mastodon.notifications

# - notification endpoints

from mastodon.versions import _DICT_VERSION_NOTIFICATION
from mastodon.errors import MastodonIllegalArgumentError
from mastodon.utility import api_version

from mastodon.internals import Mastodon as Internals
from mastodon.types import Notification, IdType, PaginatableList, Account
from typing import Union, Optional, List

class Mastodon(Internals):
    # Reading data: Notifications
[docs] @api_version("1.0.0", "3.5.0", _DICT_VERSION_NOTIFICATION) def notifications(self, id: Optional[Union[Notification, IdType]] = None, account_id: Optional[Union[Account, IdType]] = None, max_id: Optional[Union[Notification, IdType]] = None, min_id: Optional[Union[Notification, IdType]] = None, since_id: Optional[Union[Notification, IdType]] = None, limit: Optional[int] = None, exclude_types: Optional[List[str]] = None, types: Optional[List[str]] = None, mentions_only: Optional[bool] = None) -> PaginatableList[Notification]: """ Fetch notifications (mentions, favourites, reblogs, follows) for the logged-in user. Pass `account_id` to get only notifications originating from the given account. There are different types of notifications: * `follow` - A user followed the logged in user * `follow_request` - A user has requested to follow the logged in user (for locked accounts) * `favourite` - A user favourited a post by the logged in user * `reblog` - A user reblogged a post by the logged in user * `mention` - A user mentioned the logged in user * `poll` - A poll the logged in user created or voted in has ended * `update` - A status the logged in user has reblogged (and only those, as of 4.0.0) has been edited * `status` - A user that the logged in user has enabned notifications for has enabled `notify` (see :ref:`account_follow() <account_follow()>`) * `admin.sign_up` - For accounts with appropriate permissions (TODO: document which those are when adding the permission API): A new user has signed up * `` - For accounts with appropriate permissions (TODO: document which those are when adding the permission API): A new report has been received Parameters `exclude_types` and `types` are array of these types, specifying them will in- or exclude the types of notifications given. It is legal to give both parameters at the same tine, the result will then be the intersection of the results of both filters. Specifying `mentions_only` is a deprecated way to set `exclude_types` to all but mentions. Can be passed an `id` to fetch a single notification. Returns a list of :ref:`notification dicts <notification dicts>`. """ if mentions_only is not None: if exclude_types is None and types is None: if mentions_only: if self.verify_minimum_version("3.5.0", cached=True): types = ["mention"] else: exclude_types = ["follow", "favourite", "reblog", "poll", "follow_request"] else: raise MastodonIllegalArgumentError('Cannot specify exclude_types/types when mentions_only is present') del mentions_only if max_id is not None: max_id = self.__unpack_id(max_id) if min_id is not None: min_id = self.__unpack_id(min_id) if since_id is not None: since_id = self.__unpack_id(since_id) if account_id is not None: account_id = self.__unpack_id(account_id) if id is None: params = self.__generate_params(locals(), ['id']) return self.__api_request('GET', '/api/v1/notifications', params) else: id = self.__unpack_id(id) return self.__api_request('GET', f"/api/v1/notifications/{id}")
### # Writing data: Notifications ###
[docs] @api_version("1.0.0", "1.0.0", "1.0.0") def notifications_clear(self): """ Clear out a user's notifications """ self.__api_request('POST', '/api/v1/notifications/clear')
[docs] @api_version("1.3.0", "2.9.2", "2.9.2") def notifications_dismiss(self, id: Union[Notification, IdType]): """ Deletes a single notification """ id = self.__unpack_id(id) if self.verify_minimum_version("2.9.2", cached=True): self.__api_request('POST', f'/api/v1/notifications/{id}/dismiss') else: params = self.__generate_params(locals()) self.__api_request('POST', '/api/v1/notifications/dismiss', params)